Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tools of the Trade

PhotoHunt - School

As a classroom teacher, I was never without:

1. my dictionary- While I am a fairly decent speller, I know better than to totally trust myself. Now the dictionary is idle. Ah, but I have spellcheck.

2. my glasses- The only problem was I kept losing them around the classroom. Fortunately, my students were adept in helping me to locate them. Once, however, the answer was, "Mrs. Myer, they're on top of your head." Oops.

3. my "no whining" sign- Really. I mean, if you mess up, just own it. If you need something, just put it out there in a straight forward manner. Whining is for wimps! And no one wants to be a wimp.

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  1. My wife is a Teacher as well - and she says:

    Excellent PH-entry

  2. Not fair! (Does this constitute whining? ;b) This Photo Hunt theme must have been easy for a teacher! ;D

  3. how true. love your take on the theme.

  4. Great shot for the theme and I love your no whining sign.

  5. Ha! I have that same sign! And I had a teacher in high school who would lose her glasses every day... they were always on the top of her head :)

    Thank you for bringing back some fun memories!

  6. Those are things none of us should be without, especially the "No Whining" sign. I love the composition on the sign.

  7. Excellent shot for this week's theme - from one teacher to another . . .


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